Training Philosophy

We offer dog training that makes sense and gets results

At Mutt Mindset, we understand that every dog is unique and believe that training should be just as personalized and tailored to fit each individual situation.

When training with Mutt Mindset, you and your dog will build a reliable relationship working together that is based on trust and respect.  You will start to see a dog that works for YOU, not bribes.

Whether you are welcoming a new family member or teaching an old dog new tricks, we will help enhance the connection between you and your dog as you build the most successful and rewarding relationship possible.


Aggressive Dogs

At Mutt Mindset, we have extensive experience working with and rehabilitating dogs with aggression issues of varying degrees including resource guarding, fear aggression, dog aggression, and dogs that show aggression towards people.

We believe that every dog deserves a chance at a happy life and that is why we work harder to help them get there instead of giving up on them.


Imagine your ideal dog.  We’ll help make it a reality.